Jordon Dodds

Project Manager, Programmer, External Talent Liaison

Originally from Cairns, Queensland, Jordon now lives in Brisbane finishing off his bachelor in video game development. In addition to a borderline obsession with anything zombie related, Jordon also enjoys Marvel Comics and binge watching seasons of tv shows at a time.

Jacob Duniam

Vision Holder, Designer, Team Lead, External Talent Liaison

Jacob is a designer putting the final touches on his Bachelor’s Degree. He loves artsy games, serious games, and games that pass the time. Jacob loves to binge Mass Effect, Stranger Things and Halal Snack Packs.

Arthur Finkler

Web Designer

Arthur is responsible for our online presence. He gave life to this website, designing and coding it from scratch. He also takes care of our Social Medias occasionally. Currently, Arthur works @ CareerHub as an UX/UI Designer

Alex Luthe

Lead Programmer

Originally from Bundaberg, Alex moved to Brisbane to pursue a career in game development. As the lead programmer, Alex is responsible for keeping the game functional and bug-free.